How Much Do You Know About Martin Luther King? - A Quiz
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How Much Do You Know About Martin Luther King? - A Quiz

This is a quiz about how much you know about the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr. who was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement but how much more do you actually know about this extraoridinary man. Let's have a bit of fun by seeing how much you actually know about Martin Luther King, Jr. Some questions are very simple but it gets more complicated as you go on.

Today is a day that United States celebrates in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Most people know that he was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement but how much more do you actually know about this extraoridinary man. Well let's have a bit of fun to find out just how much you know with a little quiz.  The questions will start out simple and then get a little more complicated.  The answers will be at the bottom of the quiz.  No cheating.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Quiz

1.  What was the name of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s wife?

2.  How many children did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife have?

3.  In what year was he assissinated?

4.  In what year was his I Have a Dream Speech?

5.  Where did the I have a Dream Speech Occur?

6.  Everyone knows that the Monday closest to his birthday is the date when his birth is celebrated but what is his actual birthday?

7.  How old was MLK Jr. when he died?

8.  Who was accussed of assissinating Martin Luther King, Jr.?

9.  What president did MLK Jr. campaign for?

10.  What college did he get is B.A. at?

11.  Which college did he receive his doctorate from (not honorary doctorate since he received many ot those)?

12.  Approximately how many people attended the I Have a Dream Speech event?

13.  What memorial was the I have a Dream Speech Given in Front of?

14.  At what University did he study Theology?

15.  Give the name of one of King's children other than Martin Luther King, Jr. III.

16.  What was King fighting for that got him recognized as a powerful black leader in the very beginnings of his rise?

17.  What was King going to be doing the following day had he not been killed?

18.  What were the occupations of both Dr. Kings grandfather and father?

15.  How old was he when he graduated from High School?

16.  How many years did it take his wife to get his birthday declared a national holiday?

17. Who was the President that finally signed the bill declaring his birthday a national holiday?

18.  In what year did he receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

19.  What well respected news magazine gave him the honor of Man of the Year in 1963?

Answers:  1. Corretta Scott King.

                 2.  4

                 3.  1968

                 4. 1963

                 5.  Washington, DC

                 6.  January 15th

                 7.  39

                 8.  James Earl Ray - He was an escaped convict, many believe that he was not actually the one responsible for killing King.

                 9.  Lyndon B. Johnson (he also worked with JFK)

                10.  Morehouse

                11.  Boston University

                12. 250,000 give or take

                13.  The Lincoln Memoria

                14.  Crozer

                15.  15 he skipped the 9th and 11th grades

                16.  15 years

                17.  Ronald Reagan

                18.  1964

                19.  Time


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